Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whimsy, and Wonder of a Twisted Braid, and another Variation of a Headband Braid

Cassandra is not only a client but a friend and a godmother to my 3 munchkins,  although her hair is already fairly long we added a doubled weft full head set of clip in extensions to add fullness and then I also added a few pieces of a 24 inch  to create a longer more whimsical braid.

 there are tons of dif methods of doing this "headband" braid but this particular one  you french braid and ONLY pick up hair on the top side of the braid NOT the side closest to the forehead. this helps give a more interesting look , I also pull the braid loose a bit to create volume and  and a bigger looking braid. If you look at the photo of the back of her hair you can see I  pulled it all the way around and  then also made  a made a small braid on the other side to create a  a full "head band" look.Also don't you just love this red/blond look? Any one believe me when i say shes not REALLY a ginger? or a blond? 

The next super fun technique you can start doing with your braids is twisting and wrapping   you can twist the entire braid, but ALWAYS twisting your out side pieces  inwards its supposed to messy and if you take pieces from past sections no worries it adds to the look!   then if your hair is long enough just take a piece and wrap it around the entire braid and then pick the braid right back up again. Remember to ALWAYS pull pieces loose in the braid starting from bottom to top, you can pull the whole braid or alternate pieces. This keeps braids modern and NOT little house on the prairie! Cassandras Hair was also curled prior so the  loose pieces would have shape to them. Can I also point out how nice her eyebrows look? I do those too!

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