Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mastering the POOF and still being a princess!

The lovely Kinga, she has fabulous hair!! and its ALL NATURAL!!! No hair color! So you're thinking OK then how does she have copper highlights?!  CLIP IN FAKE HAIR PEEPS!   Have you noticed a trend here? EVERY ONE has fake hair in this shoot except one girl  who has feathers.  But here is the thing. IF you are going to do bright colors and u are not going to be willing to 1. not wash your hair  often (I'm talking only 1 to 2 times a week) and then 2. be back in 6-8 weeks for touch ups   fake  clip in hair is the WAY to go.   just like the natural colors you can buy these fake pieces in  both full head sets and  highlighters  that are 2 inch wefts. you almost NEVER wash this fake hair so the color will always be amazing. It may seem like work to put them in but it REALLY is easy and you can learn anything on YOUTUBE these days!. so I want to talk about this POOF! People tell me they can't do it. That my friends is Caca del toro! you can do this style or even the mini pouf NO PROBLEM, if you have the right tools. You need to 1. be willing to back comb your hair a bit and you want to do this  back far enough that  you hit the spot you will put your bobby pins in.  the reason is because this will help HOLD the pins in spot.  The back combing is going to look nasty,  you will then brush it smooth and it will look great, its easier to  go bigger and tame it down that to try and add more later. 2.  So  then  I like to add some powder especially if your hairs is slippery like Kinga's was you can used hair spray too but   powder will be your best friend forever if you use it!  3.  you smooth it like I mentioned earlier and  put your pins in place in an  X. 4. if you are  lop sided or you want even more volume use your tail comb to gently pull it up !  POOF its easy! If you want to rock a super long braid to the side and you find your hair is too short this is where fake hair ill also come into play. We only had 18 inch ones to work with  so I placed some fakes in the actual braid to get some extra length.I'm really happy I got a chance to show some Copper off, people are So afraid of it, but I think it looks awesome on this color of hair as a peekaboo this was placed on a blond extension so its a bit brighter but  it can be toned down by  adding it to  natural level hair!

Beautiful make up right?

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