Thursday, October 17, 2013

Much ado about Feathers?

Whether you are Blond or Brunette, a great way to add color and texture is with feathers. These are NOT craft store feathers. They are hand picked , treated and colored they come in every color  from natural  to HOT PINK! What else is great about them? You can curl them and they last for MONTHS! you can bundle them up or spread them around. Often they last SO long clients with    have me take them out for their colors and put them back in again.

  Erin  who is a long time client and more or less family member,  has what we call a waterfall braid, you can see the details in the last photo a slight bit better but all in all its a fantastic choice on long or short,  curly or straight hair.  You achieve it by dropping a WHILE strand of the braid and picking up a friend right next to it.  The concept may seem mind boggling at first but once you get the hang of it , its pretty easy. again a powder will help  or some back combing to keep it in place,  b/c you are dropping a section each time it is a looser braid and if you are doing it on a child they can mess it up pretty easily  you can also secure with  hair pins  but you have to be sneaky and good at hiding the pins!  usually I go along top and pull it a bit looser so its not so flat to the head, this is a style I see turning up A LOT at weddings!

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