Thursday, October 17, 2013

Boho ? Warrior? Couture? OH MY! Some of the fall fun I got to have with some of my fav people...

People always ask me "WHY?"  when I say I'm doing these photo shoots and not getting paid (or getting paid in trade)  my answer is, "Why not?"  As a small business large audience advertising is not my thing. I'm working out of my family home, where I'm not 100% comfortable with just ANY ONE showing up. I've been doing this long enough I can be choosey who I accept as a client. I find word of mouth through my existing clientele to be the best method of advertising.  So when I do these photo shoots I ALWAYS use my own clients.  Why? because they are my cuts, my colors, and of course some of my fav people. In turn I also like to use  a photographer I enjoy and support the talent of, and a make up artist I would recommend to my clients.  For this particular shoot I used Vanessa Walker as my photographer, this is my 3rd time using her and in my opinion I haven't gone wrong yet.She a real trooper,  as were my models this lovely fall day was dark and dreary and it rained!  But after a half day of prep the show went on, and although it was VERY cold we had a great time!!!  Big thanks to Kirsten Young,who did all the make up.Kirsten used to teach my oldest daughter (then 18 months now 7) dance, and I delighted to find she was a budding make up artist. All I had to do was say "Make my girls look fresh and young" (which they all look that way anyways)  and she delivered just the right amount of make up to make their eyes pop without looking heavy!!! So lets start with some BEHIND the SCENES  shots ....
All ready to start the day, salon is set up with clothing, jewelry and of course FAKE HAIR!!
Trying to stay dry , and warm!
These ladies were FREEZING their butts off but all of then laid in ditches,  climbed trees and WERKED it  and I just love them for it!
The Lovely Kirsten Young  Getting ready to  make up Erin's Face!

AND NOW Here are a few of me and my girls  As taken by VanWalk Photography

All Gorgeous right??

I saw this outtake and HAD to have it ! These ladies are all a total hoot its hard not to be laughing through the whole shoot!

And one final shot of my gang and I,  I will be posting the rest in individual blogs so I can talk about each style on its own, along with products used!


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