Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fishtail Fun with Jen

Jen has been a model for me  quite a few times now, and EVERY ONE just loves her. She's got this super ethereal look with the white blond hair ad the BIG baby blues.  When I decided to do a photo shoot inspired by the latest run way looks I  knew she'd be perfect for this look. At home you can create a version of this look that works  for  more day either using a fish tail or a braid.  Recently its been referred to as the "coachella" braid, Which if you don't know what Coachella is I suggest you google it there is A LOT of hair fashion coming from this Musical event.  Either way here is a link to a blog on a HOW TO   for a more day to day version of this look.HOW TO DO THE COACHELLA.

 So Jen  actually has hair extensions added into her hair, they were only a single weft, Normally I would suggest a double weft, but they did the trick well enough, if your hair is thick enough you do not need to add fake hair , a few techniques to remember when fishtailing is to take small pieces , you get more intricacy that way and  it will look like a fish tail  rather than a braid.   If your hair is really fine add some wave or  some hair spray or ideally hair powder, this will keep it from slipping as much. Another tip is to use your fingers or the tail comb to gently  pull the  braid or fishtail looser and voila!

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