Thursday, May 23, 2013

Model Search!!!! My own Hairdos for half-pints!!

I'm looking for some CUTE kids for a little  make over and modeling assignment...between the ages of 5-7 would be perfect .I need boys and girls.  By Agreeing to this, you are agreeing to allow me to cut and style your child's hair AND to have them photographed and posted....I HATE having other peoples photos on my wall, I love to have my OWN work on my salon walls so I'm looking to do  the many looks of children and their styles.   Some  kids will just have their hair braided or style  but some will need theirs cut too....  ON THAT NOTE....I'm also looking for some one to take head shots of each child....  I'm doing this is a business booster so its a freebie, thus I need whom ever is willing to help to   be willing to do the same...Below I'm posting  KIND of what I had in ever I'd like my photos  to be slightly different but  an interpretation of  each personality. This is a project I've wanted to do for 5 years now! who wants to help me create it!  Email any model photos  with age and other key info attached  if you have a personality   that stick out in your head for your child, feel free to suggest it. Remember  if you're entering your child for a chance to be  a mini model   They need to be easy to work with as in good listening skills and don't HATE hair cuts! lol I probably wont tackle this  for a few months  like fall??? so you have time to allow your child's hair to grow etc.
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