Thursday, May 23, 2013

Because I love my clients....... I'm going to share a secret!

I know when you come and sit in our chairs, as stylists we make it seems so easy and quick......Guess what? It kind of it!!!!!  Honestly  these 2 videos (1st is for short, for long)  are two of the best tutorials out there!  Its easy to think  "I'm hair challenged I can't do this" but I PROMISE if you try try try again   you will get it, Don't fuss too much with the different products  in the short hair video and I wouldn't wash first as you want to make sure your hair is  DRY DRY DRY before  sticking hot tools in it or it just wont hold. I've posted these videos before I stand by them they are great!!!!  Also if you don't have Michelle Money subscribed on your YOUTUBE you should, you will learn  infinite amounts of things from this lady, she and Laura keep it real!! ALSO   another super duper fav of mine, a fellow blonde  I HAVE to share with you is Amber  check her hair section out  follow her on instagram she's super  sweet and nice, you will love her!Especially if you are into the boho chic look!  BRAIDS AND WAVES GALORE

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